Alice Humphries is a highly versatile and eclectic composer working across and in-between the contemporary classical, jazz, and experimental worlds.  Her music has been described as “bursting with life and fun, as well as great, great beauty” and “deeply thought-provoking…offering both moments of incredible intensity and sublime serenity.” Her output includes electro-acoustic, chamber, and orchestral music, as well as music for dance, documentary and film.

Her music has been performed across Australia and internationally by artists including the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Vocal Quartet (AVE), Syzygy Ensemble, and the Letter String Quartet. Alice has been a finalist in the APRA Professional Development Awards, the APRA AMCOS Art Music Awards, and has been the Composer-in-Residence for the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO) and the Percy Grainger Museum. She seeks to create evocative, immersive, and engaging sound worlds that take inspiration from natural phenomena, and intersections between humanity and nature.

As an arranger and orchestrator, she has worked with artists including Eddie Perfect, Josh Pyke, Kate Miller-Heidke, Missy Higgins, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony, and creates string and brass arrangements for contemporary popular artists in both studio and live settings.

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